Our History

PENNVINT has been an industrial technology supplier of industrial instrumentation and mechanical solutions to a variety of industries including mining, power, oil & gas, ports and agriculture since 1984. Additional information on our parent company can be found at http://www.PENNVINT.com .

For many years the parent company’s focus has been on international industrial engineering and supply, with installations in over 60 countries providing expertise necessary to manage complex multi-solution, multi-vendor contracts. As new UAS applications develop, this experience is proving useful in applying these new aerial technologies to our existing customer’s unique applications. Understanding the customers process enables us to see where the benefits can be applied now and into the future as the technologies develop.

PENNVINT’s parent company experience and reputation support every PENNAerialSystems project we enter from start to finish.

Over Thirty Years In Business



PENNVint: Since 1984

In Over Sixty Countries



Installations in over 60 countries